Dearest Community

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall, I wanted to share with you some powerful experiences from our event this summer from these beautiful and sacred parts on our earth. Join me on a journey through Bali, Tibet, and India.


The Lempuyang Temple

A special pilgrimage lead us to the twin gates of heaven overlooking the Agung Volcano in Bali. This site is beautifully symbolic of our Awakening Shakti 200hr YTT and Continuing Education Workshop for yoga teachers. This summer we were joined by 17 women and we congratulate all of the women for the honesty, bravery, openness, hard work in getting in touch with and healing the woman space within. It was intense and formed such a web of power. After this first trial we are convinced of the power of this program and that every woman yoga teacher or practitioner should go thru this experience.


Champa Devi Temple

We are Part of Nature and Nature is part of us. Nature is the mirror of your internal state. Watch your relationship with nature. By nature I mean All of the External that you can perceive with your senses. What seems lacking in Nature is that part of your internal state that you have not yet discovered, unlocked, realized. To a Yogi, nature is no longer something to struggle against but a force that supports and nurtures your efforts at liberation and self realization. Fall is the time when trees shed their old leaves reset. This fall set your intention to purge from your system everything that is not in line with your true purpose, one level at a time.


Mani Stones

OM MANI PENME HUNG (AUM Mani Padme Hum) is the Vajrayana Buddhist Mantra of Compassion translated into Hail To The Jewel In The Lotus. It connects you to a powerful grid of compassion around planet earth. Mani Stones behind me are the work of Sadhana from several generations of yogis whose work if devotion is to carve this mantra into stone as an eternal blessing for the land and all beings on it. My Guru has mentioned to me that in a past lifetime (and I have had many in Tibet) I have carved a stone somewhere in this pile. This picture is really special because of it.


Chicmagalur, Karnataka

Earth connection is very important as this is the first step reclaiming your abundance as a human being. So many modern people treat nature and the forces of mother earth as something one has to “protect” yourself against. But the reality is we are still very much connected to the umbillical cord of the planet. If we cut ourselves off too much from the earth, the earth will not die, rather we will die. So walk barefoot on grass, expose yourself to the morning sun, jump in the sea with love and trust – not fear. The mother would never hurt their own child.